Surcharge Explained:

Any products listed with a surcharge are reconditioned items.

The surcharge is refundable upon return of the old unit (as taken off the car) fit for reconditioning. NB: Refunds will only be given on returned items which match the item supplied.(i.e 2.8 caliper for a 2.8 caliper, not a standard caliper for a 2.8 caliper). Refunds will not be given on damaged old units (i.e bent, broken or missing parts etc.)

All old units must be returned to the The CCI HQ with a copy of the original advice note for a surcharge to be refunded.

Send To:
Capri Club International
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Badgers Hill
Sheriffs Lench
Worcs, WR11 4SN

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Tel: 01386 860860